Improved Safety with Small Kitchen Appliances

As technology and manufacturing processes have evolved in the appliance industry, modern day kitchens now are equipped with many useful appliances. This kitchen equipment can be quite helpful when preparing a variety of meals and certainly reduces the time needed for food preparation. Particularly for those that like to make homemade soups, which are puréed, blending technology has also improved to the point where the task of puréeing is actually much safer when working with hot liquids.

Puréed Tomato SoupWhen puréeing soups, cooks often resort to a cumbersome transfer process that involves dumping hot soup from a pot into a stand blender’s container. To avoid the risk of burns, some cooks would use a ladle to transfer the hot soup from the pot to the blender. This transfer process often creates a mess on the kitchen countertop and consumes more time than is necessary. A hand blender is much faster and safer since cooks no longer are at risk of burning themselves while transferring hot soup to another blending device’s container.

The hand blender is an extremely useful small kitchen appliance. While some call these units immersion or stick blenders, they all are essentially the same. Unlike a large stand blender, which is often bulky and difficult to clean, a hand blender is a small device which can be placed directly into the pot that hot soup is being prepared in. One of the greatest benefits that cooks have when puréeing hot soup with a hand blender is that the soup no longer needs to be transferred to another container to complete the purée process.

Improved kitchen safety and reduced meal preparation time are two areas where all home cooks and professional chefs are thankful for. Especially with stove burns being the greatest threat to those in the kitchen, the hand blender greatly reduces the opportunity for such mishaps to occur. In general, a hand blender offers the safest purée method available.

While puréeing soups is one of the top tasks hand blenders are called on for in the kitchen, these small appliances are also used for a variety of other light blending tasks. For example, hand blenders can be used to prepare smoothies, make gravy and even for making homemade pancake batter. The limitations of a hand blender are often determined by the motor which powers the unit and the available attachments it has.

To purée soup, a lightweight hand blender is often all that is needed. For example, our Proctor Silex 59735 immersion hand blender has enough power (120 watts) to handle puréeing hot liquids. However, our more versatile Cuisinart CSB-77 SmartStick hand blender packs a full 200 watts of power and can handle mixing dry ingredients and can even chop nuts. Whatever your kitchen preparation needs may be, a convenient hand blender exists to help you complete your tasks both quickly and safely.

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